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Prevent malfunctions with sensor alarm for frozen points

In winter, the railways are often faced with delays, as snow and frost can cause points to freeze and lock. To avoid delays, many points use a heating system as soon as temperatures start to drop.

Point heating system malfunction causing point to lock

To prepare points for cold weather, the heating system gets tested in the summer. In the winter season tests must be carried out two to four times to determine whether the heating system is working correctly. But when frost arrives, the points may still not be heated, despite the earlier tests. Then there is the danger of them locking and therefore delaying the operation of trains. So how can you find out that the points heating system is malfunctioning?

Monitoring the points heating system with IoT sensors

The CRM 3000 IoT temperature sensor ensures that there are no more surprises. Attach the CRM 3000 to the rail near the points heater. The measurements taken by the CRM 3000 are transmitted to the monitoring application Insight. It allows you to monitor all sensors, wherever and whenever you want.

If the temperature drops below your pre-defined threshold, it is immediately visible that the points heater is not working as it should; and the danger of frozen points lurks. The CRM 3000 allows for proactive deployment of staff to find, and resolve any problems before the points lock.

Fewer failures and the trains keep running

With our CRM 3000, you can reduce the number of failures and delays in winter due to frozen points. With this sensor, you can check in real-time whether the points heating is working. The track, therefore, remains fully operational, avoiding costly delays. Also, with remote monitoring by sensors, regular tests and visual inspections are no longer required. The CRM 3000, reduces the number of journeys to track; keeping track workers out of danger and lowering CO2 emissions.

We designed the CRM 3000 with safety in mind. You can deploy the device quickly and safely, as it attaches to the web of the rail magnetically. Thanks to the internal battery, one CRM 3000 can remain operational for up to five years. With easy deployment and it’s long battery life, the time spent by an employee in the track is reduced, which is better for everyone.

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