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About Dual Inventive

Believing in the railway system

We see the railway system as the transportation mode in the future. We strongly believe in the further development and utilisation of the railway system. Technology and innovation are our driving forces.

Our values


We are innovative and have the courage to deviate from existing solutions. By using new technologies, existing problems concerning workforce safety and rail capacity are solved in a better way.


We produce reliable technology products. Reducing the human factor in critical processes to create high-end safe and protected work areas is one of our missions.


We work in co-creation with passionate professionals on the basis of reciprocity, openness and trust. Our innovations are created through collaboration with and being open to a variety of partners and new technologies.

Our conviction

Everything becomes wireless - Ubiquitous Rail

The development of internet technology is going at lightning speed. As is the development of applications of these technologies for the rail industry. By applying and combining these technologies, we enable all systems to communicate with each other and exchange data at any given time to all possible user groups. Whether it is train movements and their pro-active control, workforce safety or real-time travel information created by travellers themselves.


Working together

Dual Inventive establish structural cooperative relations for the development, production and marketing of its products. Collaboration is sought and effected with customers and users, specialized engineering firms and production companies for hardware and software.


Our main core values are:

Dynamic - Efficient - Safe - Clear and transparant

This is what makes Dual Inventive a reliable, resourceful partner to work with, delivering revolutionary solutions.

Innovation as a strength

The technical concepts of Dual Inventive are groundbreaking for the rail sector. We believe that continuous innovation is essential for progress.

Technology Roadmap

The development and application of Dual Inventive’s technology has been recorded in the Technology Roadmap. This roadmap is aligned with our stakeholders on the rail market and with our development partners.

In cooperation with partners

Dual Inventive works in a network of partners with the philosophy: "If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together".

Our logo

Dual Inventive stands for ‘Double Creative’. This is symbolised in the logo: the letter L from Dual and I from Inventive, which together form a 2 in the Roman numeric system. The two letters are connected at the top symbolising a portal, which is a familiar element of a railway system. The two ‘heads’ give the impression of two people working together.

Dual Inventive as partner in development!