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When working on the railways, the safety of rail workers is the number one priority. And with good reason, because rail work involves many risks. Dual Inventive develops innovative systems that guarantee the safety of employees while working on the railways. And technology plays a very important role in this.

Safety and technology

Wireless communication via MTinfo 3000 Cloud

Safety is a top priority in all our developments. And by development we mean the entire process, from idea to product, including connectivity, applications and cloud. All our systems contain wireless technology and are therefore constantly connected to the IoT platform MTinfo 3000.  This way we can ensure safe working. Take, for example, the ZKL 3000 RC. With this system taking or giving up a line block can be done remotely. This increases safety for rail workers. And not only that, it also increases rail capacity available for train traffic by excecuting the works more efficiently.

Putting your safety first

At Dual Inventive your safety is our main priority, and that is why all of our rail safety products are rated to the highest Safety Integrity Level – SIL 4.

What does SIL mean?
A SIL is a measure of the system’s safety reliability, as well as its performance to maintain and achieve safety at the highest level. The greater the risk, the stricter the safety requirements are needed for deployment. SIL 4 demands the highest levels of integrity to make sure the correct safety measures are in place to protect track workers.

Safe working and more rail capacity

Safer and faster working

With our systems, safety is guaranteed and the track remains accessible for train traffic as much as possible. How? Because the systems can be managed and controlled remotely with secure and wireless IoT technology, via the MTinfo 3000 Cloud. In addition to this being safer for employees, it also goes much faster. This means that more work can be carried out in the same time. In this way, the railways are available for transport again more quickly. In conclusion, the right use of digital technology makes it very easy to achieve objectives in the safety as well as speed and efficiency areas.

Our safety systems

From idea to end product and from remotely operated Track Circuit Operating Device to guaranteed warning system: for Dual Inventive no bridge is too far when it comes to wireless technology. The transition to a wireless world is happening at lightning speed and the railways must not stay behind. That is why all our safety systems are connected to the IoT platform MTinfo 3000. Really all of them. Our systems enable safe and efficient operations for decommissioning, guaranteed warning and controlled admission.

Take a look below at all our systems which ensure a safe and secure workplace.