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Vacancies @ Dual Inventive

Building on Ubiquitous Rail


Come work with a challenging and young team

Dual Inventive is active in the dynamic rail industry with demanding customers, utilising all the options that today’s technology can offer. Advances in technology has challenged us to develop new products and systems for the future. We have been very capable in linking customer demand and available technology to each other.

Does technology challenge you too? And do you thrive by autonomy, allowing you the space to implement your own ideas? Then we would like to meet you.

Active contribution of each employee

Dual Inventive is a dynamic and informal organisation. We think it is important that you enjoy coming to work, and also that you go home with a smile. At Dual Inventive we have no hierarchy. And we make optimum use of the knowledge and ideas that are available in our organization. That gives you a great deal of responsibility and freedom. So you also have the freedom to implement your own ideas that make the organisation a little better each time.