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Building on Ubiquitous Rail


Come work with a challenging and young team

Dual Inventive is active in the dynamic rail industry with demanding customers, utilising all the options that today’s technology can offer. Advances in technology has challenged us to develop new products and systems for the future. The organisation has been very capable in linking customer demand and available technology to each other.

The end result has been a great report with strong results in customer and employee satisfaction and revenue growth.

Active contribution of each employee

In late 2014, to consolidate this growth in the years to come, we began formulating our ideas, thoughts and opportunities for tomorrow’s future. It is the strong believe that each of Dual Inventive’s employees has an active role in this, and therefore, we have jointly gone through this process – from identifying questions from customers, ideas and thoughts, up to devising action plans and starting to implement these. This method has allowed for the full utilisation of knowledge and ideas available internally. Moreover, we made a deliberate choice for broad support and acceptance, which will lead us to the best realisation of our ambitions.