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Safety standards for railway systems are high. This is understandable, because even the smallest deviations can disrupt the flow of rail traffic or cause accidents. Dual Inventive develops sensors for the remote monitoring of railway systems. In this way, getting real-time insight into the status of the rail infrastructure is safe and easy. And IoT plays an important role in this.

Reducing human error with IoT technology

The track seems robust, but reality is more challenging. When temperatures rise, tracks may buckle. When it is cold, the points heating system may malfunction. To make the rail infrastructure safer, more efficient and more reliable, our sensors use IoT technology. This technology is becoming increasingly reliable. By using IoT, human interaction can be reduced, which leads directly to a more robust track and a more sustainable future.

Prevent disruptions by remote monitoring

Sending out workers to manually measure rail temperature or the misalignment of objects is not safe. Waiting for a points failure to occur before taking action is costly. The benefit of remote monitoring is huge. This also changes the way maintenance is done. Think, for example, of more preventive actions when critical values are reached. Or less testing whether the points heating is still working. And even fewer line blockages.

Our sensors

With our IoT sensors, the infrastructure can be monitored from behind your desk and, in case of deviations, inspected remotely via the monitoring application Insight. Only for the actual repair or maintenance workers need to enter the track. This makes the rail infrastructure safer and more reliable.

Take a look at our sensors below.