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RDI 3000

Demarcation of safe sites of work

RDI 3000 Keeping track workers in a place of safety

Visual and audible markings

The RDI 3000 (Remote Detonator Installer) is a SIL-4 ‘fail-safe’ system, designed to provide protection to track workers from trains entering the worksite. It can deployed together with the ZKL 3000 RC (remote controlled T-COD) to provide additional protection and maximise track access efficiency.

The RDI 3000 is operated safely and remotely using the MTinfo 3000 App. When the device is activated, the RDI 3000 marks the boundary of the safe work zone within the protected engineering track access with a red LED light, a red flag and places a detonator on the railhead.

What are the benefits?

The RDI 3000 improves efficiency

  • Using the App, protection can be activated and deactivated in less than 10 seconds, remotely and safely, without being on track.
  • Once the RDI 3000 is installed, it can be left in track, eliminating the need to enter the track to install and remove protection. This eliminates set-up and take-down time and costs for subsequent work at the same location.
  • Safety measures can be taken within seconds, maximising the amount of infrastructure work the user can deliver within the designated worksite.
RDI 3000 Protection to track workers from trains entering the worksite - detonator
The RDI 3000 is a SIL-4 ‘fail-safe’ system. Provides protection to track workers from trains entering the worksite.

The RDI 3000 improves safety

  • The device can be pre-installed at an early stage, avoiding installation during busy periods.
  • Managed and monitored from a position of safety.

The RDI 3000 improves capacity

  • Reduces the time taken to implement safety measures, allowing the track to be put back into operation faster.

Key information

  • Can be operated via a smartphone or tablet app (iOS/Android) or computer
  • 24/7 online and battery-powered
  • Battery life can be extended with a solar panel
  • When the system is inactive, train traffic can pass unimpeded
  • SIL 4 (Safety Integrity Level) rated
  • Developed in accordance with Railway Safety Standards with EN50126, EN50128 and EN50129
  • RDI 3000 Certificate DEKRA Rail
Marking protected worksites - RDI 3000