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ZKL 3000RCs tested by SNCF Infrapôle LR

4 May 2023

Launched in 2014, the Osmoze programme (Outils Sécurité Modernes et Operationnels en Zone Exploitée – Modern Safety Equipment in the Work Area) covers a number of projects aimed at enhancing safety on work sites and improving the efficiency of various production operations. Part of the project involves an intelligent safety tool a remotely operated Track Circuit Operating Device (TCOD) – the ZKL 3000 RC.

Safety system authorised by SNCF Réseau DGOP

Dutch company Dual Inventive has been working with SNCF Réseau for over 10 years on this intelligent safety tool project. They specialise in the development and production of innovative technological devices for the railway infrastructure, they have designed the remotely operated Track Circuit Operating Device. This device is already being used in countries such as Australia, Belgium, the United States, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.

The ZKL 3000 RC safety system has been authorised by SNCF Réseau DGOP for use on the French National Rail Network. After completing all the authorisation procedures, the certificate was awarded to Dual Inventive on. To date, just over 205 remotely operated TCODs have been deployed in France, mainly in the Paris region. They are now being rolled out in the South-East Production Zone.

Tested and approved by SNCF Infrapôle LR

The devices were tested on the Villeneuve-lès-Avignon line.

Remotely operated TCOS ZKL 3000 RC tested by SNCF Réseau Infrapôle LR

The benefits of the ZKL 3000 RC are to:

  • Simplify the procedures for activating and fitting safety equipment.
  • Strengthen Occupational Health and Safety by limiting the installation and removal of these track circuit operating devices.
  • Save time and resources when setting up the track circuit operating devices.
  • Increase efficiency and productivity during the work phase.

David HARO, DZP SE Si Travaux Specialist since 1st April, helped Fabrice DELATRE and Rémy CHASSARD from UP Travaux , when they installed the remotely operated TCODs for the first time. Jan BENOIT from Dual Inventive, the engineer responsible for co-developing this innovation, , travelled all the way from Belgium to provide further assistance.

The TCODs were installed on Friday 14th April and then used when the site was launched on Monday Monday 17th April. This project covers a large geographical area where several sites are shared, therefore it was a good idea to test the devices during this period.

Things to remember:

  • Installation takes around 10 minutes: checking, installing, and commissioning.
  • The TCOD (deactivated) can remain on the track as it does not affect height.
  • An application is used to activate and deactivate the device: only authorised users can activate the track circuit operating device.
  • The device can be configured to suit each user’s needs and expectations.

Some feedback from Fabrice and Rémy

“We found it very easy to install the TCOD and get to grips with the application.”

“We’ve saved 20 minutes a day during the works phase, which means we’re optimising the works phase in terms of productivity, which is no mean feat.”

“From a safety point of view, it’s ideal because we don’t have to come back every day: less time on the road, no need to cross the tracks every time.”

“Given the simplicity and time savings, we programmed the TCOD for an extra 10 days.”

“We’re really looking forward to using the remote stop signals and detonator installers!”

UP Travaux has decided to use the remotely operated TCODs on other sites until the end of the year.


Source: Communication Infrapôle Languedoc-Roussillon

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