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Dual Inventive subsidiary Arcobel delivers 700 network switches for ProRail’s signalling system

14 February 2022

This week Prorail awarded the tender for delivering 700 network switches for the “Onderpost Communicatie Netwerk (OCN)” to Arcobel Embedded Solutions. ProRail will roll-out these network switches the upcoming year on 350 “OCNs” to ensure the continuity of this network of the train signalling system. Douwe Schoenmakers, Managing Director of Arcobel Embedded Solutions, emphasises the strategic importance of this result to the position of Arcobel within the Dutch rail market as well as for the whole Dual Inventive Group.

The OCN is a critical part of the signalling system and is used for controlling ProRail’s critical digital infrastructure (i.e. railway switches and signs). It therefore goes without saying that the availability of these network switches needs to be very high. To ensure the continuity of this critical network, ProRail has put the tender for the replacement of the network equipment on the market.

The OCN plays a major role in the control of switches and signs

The OCN plays a major role in the control of switches and signs

Availability of signalling system guaranteed

The synergy between Arcobel’s in-house disciplines and parent company Dual Inventive’s experience with the rail sector led to the appropriate solution for ProRail. This contract of 700 network switches provides an extension for up to 800 switches in total. It also includes a Service Level Agreement of 24/7 support for the coming 6 years. All network switches can be connected to the RailCloud and then be monitored in real-time. With that, Arcobel becomes a key partner for Prorail for the continuity and availability of their OCN network.

“Since the acquisition of Arcobel by Dual Inventive, we have gained access to all kinds of Industry 4.0 solutions and opportunities. We focus on digital and innovative solutions that that strengthen each other. With this in mind, we responded to this tender and now we can make ProRail’s OCN future-proof and sustainable.”

Douwe Schoenmaker, Managing Director Arcobel Embedded Solutions

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