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Dual Inventive invests in its future and acquires Insydes Group

7 June 2021

Dual Inventive has taken over 100% of the shares of Insydes Group (consisting of Core|Vision and Arcobel Embedded Solutions). CEO Jacob Zeeman and CTO Lex van der Poel from Dual Inventive and CEO Sjef ten Den from Insydes Group signed the agreement on 3 June, confirming the transaction with retroactive effect from 1 January 2021. Both parties have been working together for a long time. The acquisition is based upon the belief that combining knowledge will generate even more synergy for both organisations.

The past year was lively for the Dutch technology company Dual Inventive. Turnover, results and the number of employees grew significantly. The number of deliveries of safety-critical Internet of Things (IoT) systems for railways to the United Kingdom and France rose, as did demand from Europe and Australia for the new products Dual Inventive develops. This calls for a further strengthening of the development power, both in the area of cloud solutions and hardware and firmware.

“This is an important step in the realisation of Dual Inventive’s ambitions.”

Jacob Zeeman of Dual Inventive

Moreover, the growth of the spin-off AnyWare, recently founded by Dual Inventive, is exceeding expectations. The number of industries recognising and embracing the power of IoT is growing rapidly. AnyWare specialises in full-stack mass IoT as a service (complete solutions based on the benefits of IoT), focusing on the digitisation of inspections and monitoring activities across various industries.

New expertise for reinforcement

The Dutch Insydes Group, which consists of Core|Vision and Arcobel, is financially stable with healthy figures.

Since 1974 Arcobel has been providing embedded hardware solutions, such as industrial PC systems for the telecom, rail, tram, metro, mechanical engineering, maritime and defence sectors, as well as advice to the industrial sector in the Benelux.

Founded in 2007, Core|Vision is a valued specialist in the development of embedded systems for the industry as well as safety critical systems for Dual Inventive. To meet the growing demand for IoT sensors, this design house has developed AnySens. This is a ‘plug & play’ IoT hardware platform that allows you to quickly and easily put together modular sensor solutions. The sensor data can be monitored by combining AnySens with existing cloud platforms, such as the AnyWare platform.

“We have been working with Insydes Group for many years, during which we have always challenged each other to go for the maximum. We cherish the open and personal way of working together, because it is key to the positive result.”

Lex van der Poel of Dual Inventive

Core|Vision, with its certified FPGA (Field-Programmable Gate Array) training institute, is recognized nationally and internationally as one of the FPGA experts. An FPGA is an optimised, programmable chip that is ideal for 5G measurement and control applications in the railway system.

“This step ensures both a broadening of the product portfolio and an expansion of each other’s customer base. In addition, the various technologies can reinforce each other enormously. Both Arcobel and Core|Vision will retain their own character and independence and remain under the leadership of the current management team.”

Sjef ten Den of Insydes Group

With the acquisition of Insydes Group, Dual Inventive continues to expand its cloud for the global rail sector. The combination with AnySens also gives AnyWare the opportunity to accelerate its growth in the field of IoT.

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