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Dual Inventive connected to 5G Hub on High Tech Campus Eindhoven to prepare the rail system for the future

2 September 2021

As a new partner of the 5G Hub on the High Tech Campus Eindhoven, the Oisterwijk-based technology company Dual Inventive is focusing on a Dutch joining of forces in the field of IoT and sensor technology. The signing of the ecosystem partnership by CTO Lex van der Poel of Dual Inventive, Business Development Manager Iris Hertsenberg of Ericsson and Head of IoT The Netherlands Marcel Kool of VodafoneZiggo on September 1st is the starting signal for the collaboration. The aim is to create an impact on rail transport now and in the future by using the capabilities of 5G.

This cooperation is important for the partners not only on a technical level but also on a meeting point. Stimulated by other markets, fresh discussions are sparked in the 5G Hub. Based on cross-domain knowledge sharing, the partners find solutions more quickly from and for different sectors. This is important for Dual Inventive because with its companies Arcobel, Core|Vision, and AnyWare, it also serves other markets besides the railways. For example, AnyWare specializes in full-stack mass IoT as a service for various market segments, and Arcobel supplies embedded hardware solutions, including industrial PC systems for multiple sectors, such as telecom, defense, machine construction, metro and rail. In addition to developing embedded systems, Core|Vision is also an international expert in the field of FPGA. This optimized, programmable chip is ideal for 5G applications, among other things.

Netherlands as a 5G frontrunner

The 5G mobile network is extremely suitable for applications in security and safety, and therefore also for the rail system. Dual Inventive operates internationally but consciously chooses to maintain development mainly in the Netherlands, the sixth most innovative country in the world. The Netherlands is on the lead with 5G: VodafoneZiggo was the first to apply 5G technology to existing frequency bands and already rolled out national coverage July last year. Recently, it was also the first in the Netherlands to launch the 26 GHz frequency band in the 5G Hub. The Dutch network provider has a global strategy for worldwide 5G coverage, for which Ericsson provides the technology.

The Province of North Brabant has the ambition to lead the way in developing and deploying innovative techniques and digitalization. Brainport Eindhoven is one of Europe’s most innovative technology regions. At the heart of High Tech Campus and Brainport, the 5G Hub is working in co-creation with lots of companies, students, and knowledge institutions. This scenario is the perfect location for partners to make a real societal impact.

Digitization of European rail

In this European Year of Rail, the EU pays extra attention to cross-border initiatives that bring the creation of the Single European Railway Area closer. The European Commission wants to speed up the digitization of rail, among other things, with the Green Deal and sees 5G as one of the solutions for optimally using rail capacity. Dual Inventive responds to this with its private cloud MTinfo 3000, a European SIL 4 cloud, which does not touch the open internet for maximum safety and security. The company uses wireless technology to maximize available rail capacity without requiring physical expansions to the rail infrastructure.

“The great thing about mobile technology is that you can implement it very easily. You don’t have to dig expensive cables because 5G is like fiber optic through the air. 5G paves the way for wireless switches and wireless signals, which we are also developing as a proof of concept within the 5G Hub to encourage our partners in the rail market to use these possibilities.”

Lex van der Poel

In addition to wireless object controllers for the track, a Track & Machine Warning System using the 5G network is one of the cases that Dual Inventive will create. By detecting and warning of approaching train traffic, railway workers can also work safely during the day. The speed and stability of 5G give this development a boost.

FieldLab Rail

Part of the partnership is also a data link for digital communication between the 5G Hub and the FieldLab Rail of Dual Inventive in Oisterwijk. The FieldLab Rail is an indoor environment equipped with various rail systems, such as overhead lines, signals, relay protection, and a train protection system to test and demonstrate the latest rail innovations. The connection between the two environments makes it possible to control rail systems in Oisterwijk from the 5G Hub in real-time with 5G technology. This makes this test environment very suitable for developing new proof of concepts to improve the European rail system.

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