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Dual Inventive launches new company AnyWare

23 March 2021

Ground breaking technology company Dual Inventive has celebrated the next chapter in its ambitious expansion plans with the launch of new company AnyWare. Dual Inventive, which develops and produces innovative technical products to improve rail capacity, network efficiency and track worker safety, has diversified to allow their digital products to be used across different business sectors.

AnyWare, the world’s latest Internet of Things (IoT) development company brings together years of experience at Dual Inventive to deliver bespoke end-to-end solutions to manage and monitor assets remotely. It can develop mass IoT apps using state of the art technology suitable for use in sectors including agriculture, infrastructure and industry, healthcare and security and each system is designed uniquely in close collaboration with the client.

Opportunities for all sectors

Dual Inventive’s CTO, Lex van der Poel said: “Since our foundation in 2008, it has been our goal to create integrated digital systems that improve rail capacity, network efficiency and track worker safety. With the knowledge we have built during the development of our MTinfo 3000 ecosystem, today we are creating new opportunities for all sectors by launching AnyWare.”

Dual Inventive, whose global headquarters is in Oisterwijk in The Netherlands with an international HQ in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, develop and produce innovative tech products, such as the ZKL 3000 RC, that increases track worker safety and productivity to maximise railway capacity and infrastructure reliability.

Van der Poel added: “We look forward to partnering with AnyWare on the development of mass IoT apps for our MTinfo 3000 ecosystem. This is an incredible opportunity for shared learning across all sectors, bringing ground-breaking innovation to all who use our systems.”

Value for rail infrastructure partners

Mark Damen, one of AnyWare’s founders, agreed: “We are buzzing with excitement to start this new opportunity and contribute to delivering value to our rail infrastructure partners.”

Jacob Zeeman, Dual Inventive’s CEO, added: ‘Our focus remains on the rail sector whilst AnyWare innovate at lightning-fast speeds across all domains. With this launch, we can ensure that development within Dual Inventive is driven to improve rail safety and efficiency. Through our partnership with AnyWare, we gain state of the art IoT technology to build confidently into our rail cloud ecosystem, MTinfo 3000. I am excited to work together with AnyWare in the next chapter of our journey, building even better systems to improve the world around us.”

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