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Backend Developer

32-40 uur

Do you want to make the railways SMART, safer and more efficient, together with your colleagues? Then we’d love to have a cup of coffee with you at our office in Oisterwijk.

Who is this fun job for?

You enjoy working in an environment where the entire IoT ecosystem, from hardware to cloud to applications, it is present.

You also enjoy programming and sharing your experience every day. You dive into the latest techniques and dare to use them. You get energy and fun from sparring with your fellow developers and the product owners. Working together with others to find the best solution and building top products is a party for you.

What are you going to do as a Backend Developer?

You will help design, develop, and maintain a distributed high-availability safety-critical system and its connected safety devices. You will assist railroad employees in planning and securing railroad maintenance.

The backend is your domain. Here you interact with our devices but also collect and store sensory information to provide insight to our users.

Why do you enjoy this role at Dual Inventive?

At Dual Inventive you are surrounded by experts who help you develop innovative products. The products that are developed are unique in the world. You work with the latest IoT techniques and are involved in the development from A to Z. End products are regularly tested in our own indoor Fieldlab Rail or if necessary in the field.

We find it important that you enjoy coming to work, but also that you go home with a smile. We create a friendly atmosphere, normally through the common lunch, the monthly Friday afternoon drinks and the company events. By working from home, we try to maintain and strengthen the mutual bond through online  quizzes and vlogs by colleagues.

We have a dynamic and informal organization with a well-organized development process. We develop everything in-house and give you plenty of room for your own creativity and insight. You get a large degree of responsibility and freedom. At Dual Inventive you have the space to carry out your own ideas that will make the organization a step better every time.

What do we ask of you?
  • You have a completed HBO/ WO education
  • You speak and write fluent Dutch and English
  • You have knowledge and experience with a language like Java, C#, C++ or Go
  • You have experience with microservice architecture
  • You have experience with event-driven systems
  • You have experience with Continuous Delivery
  • You have experience with DevOps
  • You have experience with SQL (MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite).
  • You have experience with NoSQL (Redis, InfluxDB, memcached)

Join us to help us build our vision of Ubiquitous Rail. Connecting everything, wirelessly.

Who are we?

We believe in the world of wireless technology. We are building our vision Ubiquitous Rail, a platform where all elements and users within the railway are connected.

We make the railways more efficient, more intelligent and safer in a pioneering way. In doing so, we use high-quality and advanced wireless technology. We mainly supply systems and products that are remotely controlled and managed from a web application and/or mobile application. We do all this from our office in Oisterwijk and are also active at home and abroad.

Will you have that cup of coffee with us?

Please contact Marguerite Serier today (+31 (0)6 4344 9832) or send your response to

Dual Inventive respects your privacy. Your information is deleted four weeks after the end of the application procedure. If you have given us permission, we keep your information for a maximum of one year. After this period we remove your data.

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