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Real-time status monitoring of relay rooms with IoT technology

A relay room houses all the logic and technology for relay interlocking. It is important to prevent failures in the technical installations of the relay house because they can have a major impact on train traffic. But how do you do that? In almost all cases, there is no real-time information on the status of the relay room and it is not a place a contractor visits very often. We believe that the use of advanced IoT technology is the solution.

What can go wrong?

Voltage dips, earth faults, leakages or excessively high temperatures – there are many causes for a failure in the relay room equipment. Besides, you don’t want the door to stay open or the light to stay on after leaving.

Some relay rooms are not visited very often. As a result, problems often go unnoticed for too long. And when a fault does occur, it is not always clear what exactly is going on: what is the exact location of the earth fault, is it just a voltage drop or a major fault requiring intervention, is the air conditioning working properly?

Up-to-date information can only be obtained by sending people to the relay room. With the limited number of working hours available and the costs involved, this is not an ideal situation.

Relay room monitoring with IoT technology

By using modern IoT technology, you can monitor the real-time status of relay rooms remotely, wherever and whenever you choose. The Rombo in combination with our monitoring application Insight ensures that you will no longer be confronted with surprises and failures.

The measurements taken by the Rombo are sent to Insight, allowing you to monitor all of your real-time data. As soon as set thresholds are exceeded, the right people are alerted immediately by a push notification. All actions subsequently taken are registered in the relay room’s asset passport. This makes proactive decision-making about actions to be taken in the future very easy.

Focus on insight and efficiency and track capacity follow-through

Real-time information allows you to detect irregularities proactively, without having to send people to the relay room itself and before a critical failure occurs that prevents trains from running. And to top it all off, any fines for the contractor are avoided. What more could you want😊.

Rombo monitors relay room

Rombo monitors relay room

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