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GRB 3000 and Solar NRG 3000

Solar panel GRB 3000 for railways and ZKL 3000 RC

Green power makes our rail safety systems even more sustainable

Our remote controlled safety products run on a battery. Would you like to make an even greater contribution to the environment, improve safety along the track and save even more costs? Then go for green power from one of our solar products.

GRB 3000 solar panel

GRB 3000

Solar panel and battery in one product

The GRB 3000 (Green Hub 3000) is a power bank with an integrated solar panel in a single waterproof housing. It can supply the ZKL 3000 RC and ZKL 3000 RC-C with continuous power. As a result, rail workers no longer need to enter the track to replace batteries, which benefits their safety and the environment.

Monitoring the GRB 3000 via the connected Dual Inventive products is simply done via the cloud platform MTinfo 3000. Authorised users are kept informed via alerts and real-time monitoring.

Solar NRG 3000

The Solar NRG 3000 solar panel is an alternative for the GRB 3000. The battery charged by the solar panel is not housed in a casing, but is placed on the ground.

Solar panel railway
BBX 3000 Ballast Box solar panel railway

BBX 3000

The GRB 3000 and NRG 3000 can easily be mounted on a lineside OLE Stanchion or pole. But in some cases, this is not possible or desirable. The BBX 3000 (ballast box) offers a solution.

Especially where underground cables and pipes along the track could be damaged by a pole, mounting on the BBX 3000 (similar to a sturdy parasol base) is a safe option.

Use case

Solar panels along the track for increased durability and safety

Integrate solar energy in the railways and thus make a contribution to the environment. But that is not all. Solar panels also enhance safety and even reduce costs. How does that work? Read more.