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Innovations from Dual Inventive at InnoTrans

11 September 2018

At InnoTrans, the international trade fair for transportation technology (Berlin, 18 to 21 September), Dual Inventive showcases the latest technologies together with Strukton Rail. Augmented reality and virtual reality pass by. Also a new project with German telecommunications company Deutsche Telekom is revealed at the fair where ‘The future of Mobility’ is the central theme.

“We take some of our products physically with us,” says Dual Inventive CEO Lex van der Poel. “We also present via augmented reality. As a visitor, you get glasses, similar to Google Glass. When you look at a product, information appears that is only visible to the visitor. ”

Virtual reality is also used on the stand. The name may sound very similar to augmented reality, but it is not the same. Van der Poel: “With VR glasses, you are immersed in a virtual world in an environment where the product is used. The VR technology then shows the products: where and for what purpose they are used and how they are used. Each product has its own scenario. ”

IoT sensor MTinfo 3000

New projects

Dual Inventive unveils current developments. Together with telecommunications company Deutsche Telekom a next-generation track & trace device has been developed, the TRT 3000. It is equipped with an integrated solar panel and can, therefore, be used indefinitely. The TRT 3000 is compact, affordable and durable. In addition to tracking moving assets, the TRT 3000 provides comprehensive information about these assets and the environment, wirelessly.

“We use the latest connectivity technology, LTE-M. In comparison with 2G or 3G, LTE-M has been specifically developed for the Internet of Things. It is capable of virtually real-time data transmission. It can also transmit data while you move: a fixed location is not required. ”

Unique cooperation

The TRT 3000 also behaves like a wireless access point, allowing data from up to dozens of wireless sensors on the wagon to be shared via the TRT 3000 to the IoT platform MTinfo 3000. “This allows you to link more information that is important for asset management to the specific wagon, such as vibrations, temperatures, humidity, but also information about switches or valves. “That’s why you can track dangerous substances on the track with the TRT 3000. “You can link wagon lists to MTinfo 3000 and make them digitally accessible via the mobile apps.”

At the moment we’re testing this technology in Krakow, Poland. The next test will take place in Rotterdam at the end of September. “This is really a unique collaboration,” says Van der Poel. “Deutsche Telekom is a giant and we are a relatively small company.” According to Van der Poel, working together is the only way to get ahead in the rail sector. “Independence does not exist. As a company you always work together with other companies, because you are part of a chain. ”

Maximum availability

Dual Inventive itself works closely with Strukton Rail. Together they develop technologies to maximize the availability of railways and to carry out track maintenance safely and efficiently. This is necessary because more and more trains are going to run and there is less and less time to carry out maintenance on the track. Using techniques such as Internet of Things and artificial intelligence to track where and when maintenance will be needed is therefore crucial.

Dual Inventive incorporates these technologies into their products, such as the ATWS 3000 wireless warning system, the ZKL 3000 RC remotely operated Track Circuit Device, the temperature sensor CRTM 3000, the smarty afety helmet SC 3000 and the platform MTinfo 3000, to which all products can be connected. Van der Poel: “The rail sector is increasingly using IoT.”

Visit Dual Inventive at InnoTrans 2018 Berlin, 18-21 September, Hal 26 Stand 235.