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MTinfo 3000

Revealing the Value of IoT technology in Rail

Bringing together people and rail assets, MTinfo 3000 links everything to one cloud-based environment to continuously improve the 24/7 availability of the railway.

The private connection of MTinfo 3000 Cloud

In the 21st century, IoT solutions are becoming more predominant in the workplace. This shift from on-site software to the cloud allows IT departments to offload the stresses of product updates and maintenance of expensive hardware.

With a Cloud’s performance measured solely on the User’s ability to use it, people’s experience of these systems has become reliant on high availability and ease of use. On top of this, many in the IT profession still have valid concerns regarding the safety, security and integrity of their data once it is in the Cloud.

For these reasons, many businesses prefer private, dedicated connectivity to improve performance. Using the private connection of MTinfo 3000 Cloud, users can be sure of predictable latency, increased security, performance and scalability, which will allow them to successfully deploy these devices at all levels.

MTinfo 3000 - The full stack IoT solution

Partnering with MTinfo 3000

Via MTinfo 3000 Dual Inventive cooperates with other companies in facing the technological challenges for future rail. This cross-platform brings together various suppliers and buyers like on a marketplace, enabling the exchange of already integrated solutions for own business propositions.

Dual Inventive supports the development of MTinfo 3000 with new features as we believe this cloud platform is the major driver for growth and profit in railway-IoT.

Watch the videos to see how we do that.